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We crypto exchanges list the listing of DBX tokens. DBX will show readiness to go to market in the beginning September.

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  • Listing of DBX starts on September 1 on 7 major Crypto Exchanges
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The long-awaited listing of DBX cryptocurrency will take place on 7 major exchanges. Tokens are already available for users to buy, sell and trade.

Many managed to acquire tokens during the pre-sale and airdrop. The online service for the very first placement of coins will be Bitforex, one of the leading trade platforms in the cryptocurrency world. Later, there will be: What is DBX? DBX is a completely new digital ecosystem within a peer-to-peer decentralized financial network.

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Anonymous instant transaction cryptocurrency does not have a central authority or server to act as an intermediary. The asset is maintained by the users themselves.

Benefits of DBX User trust in DBX is based on a fully decentralized system building on the principles of keeping records in a distributed blockchain ledger, which prevents DBX coin counterfeiting or double spending transactions.

Also DBX provides completely anonymous transactions at the user's request, is fungible and valuable. Bitforex will act as an online service for IEO.

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