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Eligible clients can quickly and easily enroll or leave the service at any time by logging in to Client Portal and clicking the User menu head and shoulders icon in the top right corner followed by Manage Account.

Le diamo il benvenuto in Interactive Brokers Overview: Una volta finanziato e approvato il proprio conto è possibile iniziare la propria attività di trading. Le informazioni di seguito indicate permettono di muovere i primi passi in qualità di nuovo cliente Interactive Brokers.

Once enrolled, IBKR will notify you when a security you bought or sold is subject to a class action lawsuit and inform you of when a claim is filed.

Any monetary compensation received in connection to your claim will be electronically deposited to your IBKR account.

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Please note that there could be a considerable amount of time between filing a claim and receiving compensation. There is no upfront fee to subscribe to the service.

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You are eligible to receive compensation for any settled claims as long as your activity and holdings for involved securities were transmitted to our service provider before you unsubscribed from the service. If you unsubscribe from the IBKR service and sign up with a third-party vendor, a duplicate claim may occur. To avoid rejected claims due to duplicate submissions please email us at proserve ibkr.

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Note that you will only see the LEI Form once upon logging into Account Management; once you make your election, you will not see the form again upon subsequent Account Management logins. All IBAU clients operating as non-individual accounts e.

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In this context, non-individual means any account which is owned by one or two individuals as stated in the w8ben interactive brokers title. Individual accounts w8ben interactive brokers the name of a single person are not subject to DTR and so will not have access to this page.

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You will be prompted to fill out a simple form and sign an agreement. Obtaining an LEI can take up to three days. Provide your LEI, which you have already obtained.

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W8ben interactive brokers will be prompted to enter your LEI. This article will provide you with basic troubleshooting steps in case you are unable to receive such messages. The installation, activation, and operating instructions can be found here:.

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