Javascript bitcoin wallet, Lisk: la piattaforma per sviluppare dApp con javascript

Targets The master has been designed to ensure the most effective learning method possible thanks to a combination of theory and practice.

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The first part is aimed at the transfer of general knowledge and skills related to the Bitcoin ecosystem and blockchain based technologies. It addresses Bitcoin from different perspectives: technological, social, historical, economic, philosophical, legal and fiscal with an in-depth analysis related to blockchain-based business models.

The mathematical basis of Bitcoin will be explained, namely finite fields, elliptic curves as well as several cryptographic concepts. Then A basic training on Bash, Python and JavaScript will follow, fundamental languages in order to interact with the Bitcoin network and the Bitcoin Core software.

Viene quindi approfondita la generazione di chiavi ed indirizzi, il funzionamento di Wallet deterministici e seed, sia dal punto di vista teorico che pratico attraverso esercizi svolti in modo guidato ed autonomo. I linguaggi Python, Bash e JavaScript vengono utilizzati quindi per capire ed analizzare il funzionamento di elementi fondamentali javascript bitcoin wallet rete Bitcoin quali Wallet e Block Explorer.

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The generation of keys and addresses will then be analyzed in depth, as well as the functioning of deterministic and seed wallets, both from a theoretical and practical point of view, through exercises carried out in a guided and autonomous way.

The Python, Bash and JavaScript languages will therefore be used to understand and analyze the functioning of fundamental elements in the Bitcoin network, such as wallets and block explorer.

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Last but not least, a deep dive into the script language and the verification and signature of transactions, and Lightning Network. A correct Bitcoin and blockchain training cannot prescind solid computer security foundations.

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During the javascript bitcoin wallet, the safest techniques for javascript bitcoin wallet protection of wallets and Bitcoin nodes will be explored, as well as the bases for creating secure Web Applications, a feature that bitcoin market reddit in increasing demand today. The course also has a strong practical connotation due to the realization of actual projects.

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At the end of the course, the necessary theory to understand other blockchains i. Ethereum and Smart Contracts will be examined in depth in order to illustrate their deployment and connection on DApp browser.

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